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Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Issues - Never Mind A.A.!

Posted: Monday, September 22, 2008

Hypnotherapy for alcohol issues is much quicker!

I'm not having a go at Alcoholics Anonymous, it's just that most habitual drinkers - even heavy drinkers - don't really need A.A., although there might be a few that will.  What most habitual drinkers really need, if they just want to cut down their intake of alcohol, is to see an expert hypnotherapist such as myself who specialises in compulsive habits and addiction issues.

You see, if you go to A.A. the good people there will probably soon have you thinking that you have "an addictive personality", when all you really have is a compulsive habit. They will certainly tell you that you are "addicted to alcohol", when actually no-one is - not even the guys who sleep on the streets and drink Tennants Super. They certainly have drink problems, and it might look for all the world like a drug addiction but in reality it is still a compulsive habit of drinking alcohol. The people at A.A. will also assure you that your only hope is to quit alcohol completely and forever, and go to A.A. meetings for the rest of your natural life.

A.A. is a very old treatment model

To be fair to them, the A.A. approach to alcohol problems was developed nearly a century ago, when very few people knew anything about the Subconscious mind. Many people still don't, but we hypnotherapists certainly do!  By the way, your Subconscious mind controls all your habitual behaviours, compulsive or otherwise. That's why your conscious decisions - and conscious efforts - to stop doing those things usually makes little difference, however well-meant or sincere. Your Subconscious mind knows nothing about those conscious resolutions, or any of the good reasons behind them... until I explain it all to the Subconscious mind during the course of the hypnotherapy session.

I just need to cut down a bit

Of all the issues I help people with, this is fast becoming one of the most popular. More and more folk have been buying alcohol from supermarkets where it is cheapest, and drinking it at home. At first it's just weekends, then it becomes most nights and before you know it, you have a daily habit of drinking. Tolerance levels go up because you get so used to it, and what was once an occasional indulgence has become a daily ritual which is poisoning you too much and costing money you can no longer afford!  Still, you don't want to give it up completely...

At A.A. they will tell you that you must give booze up for good and go through the Twelve Steps, whereas I propose only three:

1). Book a hypnotherapy session,

2). actually turn up for it, and

3). if you need further help, come back.

Some people don't need to come back for further help with this, but some do.  No-one can seriously claim to have "tried hypnotherapy" if they skipped number three, by the way.  At A.A., they expect you to devote the rest of your natural life to their method!  We don't, but for some people it might take more than one session, obviously.  In any case, whether you want to quit or just cut down, you can expect clear results from the first session anyway, so you'll know you aren't wasting your time.  more about this

All you have to do is make that call!  You can leave the rest to me.  0161-474-8120 or call/text 07748 838 644 any day, any time.


Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes BA(Hons) HPD DipCAH is registered with the GHR as a Senior Hypnotherapy Practitioner and has been helping people from Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside U.K. to cut back on alcohol or stop altogether if they prefer, since August 2000. 

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