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Shopping As Recreation

Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At one time, few people could afford to buy things they didn't really need just for the enjoyment of doing that. The credit boom changed all that, and got millions of people borrowing money to splash out on whatever they fancied, with the phrase: "Buy now, pay later!" cheering them on their merry way.

Now it's Later!

Later has duly arrived, and we are all having to pay as recession bites and the cost of borrowing has increased. The trouble is, for many people shopping has become a form of recreation that turned into a compulsive habit through repetition. It is not easy to let go of the suggestion that we can have whatever we want, whenever we want it. And if we don't adjust our habitual-compulsive and impulsive purchasing, we could end up making a bad situation worse.

Time to Get Real

When the going gets tough, the tough do something about it, so as to adapt. But many people won't, because they prefer to kid themselves that one more purchase won't make any difference, that things will soon buck up or that they just "like shopping". And it is very easy to convince yourself that you are just doing what you please because you choose to, even though in reality you are doing it compulsively and cannot stop. This is called 'denial'.

Check your Bank Statements

If you can bear to, that is. If you don't want to open them - if you don't even want to know what you've spent, that's a sure sign that spending needs to be brought back under conscious control. If you can bear to check your statements and you are surprised at how many purchases you have made, this means you were not already consciously aware of that because many of these transactions are caused by Subconscious impulses, not rational conscious decisions. Hypnotherapy can shut those impulses down easily - which does not stop you from shopping altogether, it just gets rid of the overwhelming impulse to buy things you don't need.

Don't Expect Willpower to Correct it!

If you read 'The Willpower Myth' at the top left of the homepage on this site, that explains why willpower alone will not usually succeed in saving you from many more bank statements that look like that, but your Subconscious can!  You don't need willpower and you don't need hours and hours in an analyst's chair: one session of hypnotherapy can help to eliminate this problem completely!  A few people might need two sessions, but either way it will still save you a fortune... and therefore your future security, home, relationship and whatever else may be threatened by this.

So don't delay - call Central Hypnotherapy now... and then future bank statements will actually put a smile on your face for a change! more about this

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Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy and has been rescuing shopaholics from all around Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside, North West U.K. since August 2000.

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