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Meet the Challenge!

Posted: Friday, October 24, 2008

People need Hypnotherapy!

I saw a newspaper headline the other day which described the U.K. as: "Crisis-weary Britain".  Yes, and whose fault is that then?  To read the newspapers at the moment you might be forgiven for thinking the world was coming to an end, and yet if you look out the window it all looks just as it did before...

The Effects of Suggestion

If people are not feeling confident about the future, it is entirely because of the way information has been presented to us.  Has it occurred to you that maybe if the media had reported recent events in a way that was calming and reassuring, there would be less evidence of a slow-down in the economy? Of course there would! The apocalyptic predictions are affecting the behaviour of millions of people, and actually creating that reality. In different times, this would be called "the feel-good factor" - inspiring confidence.  Right now for many people it is somewhere between apprehension and panic.

But not for Hypnotists!

We hypnotherapists recognise that what we are really looking at here is the effect of negative suggestion on a global scale, and we know that anyone who doesn't want to be carried away on a tide of panic and fear doesn't have to be, because we have the antidote.

I can't help the way I feel, can I?

Oh, yes you can! How would you like to feel the complete opposite of the way most people are feeling at the moment?  How do you think that would affect your handling of all this exciting change and new opportunity?  Would you enjoy having such an enormous advantage over almost everyone else?

With hypnotherapy you can become immune to the negativity of the media commentators and inspired to be even more successful and actually enjoy this time of rapid change.  Whilst fear makes others hesitate, now is the time to act!  more about this

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Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes has been providing effective and confidential hypnosis and hypnotherapy services at Central Hypnotherapy for Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside, North West U.K. since August 2000.

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