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Hypnotherapy costs for weight loss

Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010

I just stumbled on this old report about Lilly Allen's success in losing weight with hypnotherapy, but I couldn't believe the reported cost! Her therapist charged $600 an hour?  Who'd be rich and famous if it means you think it's necessary to fork out that kind of money for weight loss success?

The fact is, any hypnotherapy weight loss specialist could help you achieve that, and without pretending to fit a hypno-gastric-band or any of that nonsense!  The Subconscious mind controls appetite and the cravings system in the first place, and all compulsive habits like eating and drinking.  It can change any of those things on request, and I know exactly how to do that, I've been doing it for over a decade!

So if you would like to experience the same kind of success but at normal prices, and you live in the North West of England (UK), then give me a call:

0161-474-8120 or call/text 07748 838 644 any day, any time.

If you live elsewhere and don't want to travel that far - though people do, from all over the UK - then at least please ring around, don't pay charges like that, it only encourages 'em!  I mean, private therapy has never been cheap, but $600 an hour? Ha!

Whether you are rich or not, please don't go thinking that the quality of hypnotherapy will be better if you pay silly money for it. Let's keep it real.

Lilly Allen report 


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