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Trying too hard? Relax!

Posted: Friday, July 9, 2010

In recent years there has been a great deal of interest in hypnotherapy and sports psychology to improve performance and get rid of competition nerves. Hypnosis has proven to be very effective as mental training to achieve excellence in many different fields from golf to motor racing, from acting to public speaking. From an early age we all had it drilled into us that if we want success, we should try really hard! This may be appropriate sometimes but most people don't realise there is a more effective alternative, particularly when it comes to changing aspects of ourselves.

During the time you were growing up and learning all about the world, I bet no-one mentioned a 'Subconscious Mind' to you. Even when you reached an age when you began to hear mention of such a thing, you probably dismissed the idea without too much thought, because by that time your conscious mind probably had the idea that it WAS the mind, so how can there be ANOTHER MIND?

Actually it is ALL ONE MIND really, but as we were never enlightened about the normal activities and abilities of the Subconscious mind, it stands to reason that if the Subconscious has some capabilities that the conscious mind doesn't have, the conscious mind won't know. Now, here's an interesting thing:

Only about 12% of our mental activity seems to be involved in consciousness. That means that about 88% of our mental power lies within the Subconscious field. And most people don't know it's there.

Are you Competitive?

Don't you think you could be wiping the floor with the competition if they are trying to do everything through conscious efforts alone, whilst you were using 100% of your mental power, to their puny 12%?

My definition of hypnotherapy: Using the whole of your brain.

Intrigued, but nervous about hypnosis?

No need!  Hypnotherapy is not mysterious and it's completely risk-free. It is 100% communication, nothing else. But crucially, that's communication involving 100% of our minds, not just the 12% with which we usually communicate. This is why I think it should be called "meta-communication", not 'hypnosis' which has always been a misnomer. 'Hypnos' is a Greek word which refers to sleep, and there is no sleep in hypnosis. Stage hypnotists just use the word 'sleep' to confuse spectators: the people on the stage are not truly asleep at any time. (For more info about that read Stage Hypnosis here on this site.)

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