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Hypnotherapy for Real

Posted: Monday, July 12, 2010

You know what really surprises people about hypnotherapy? That you feel perfectly normal throughout the session! Most new clients are expecting to be asleep, or at least to "feel hypnotised", even if they're not sure what that would be like. What they do not expect is to feel absolutely normal and well aware of everything I am saying.

The second surprise is the results. Think about it: we spend about an hour chatting about the issue, then you spend the rest of the session listening to me explaining things, whilst wondering why you feel perfectly normal. It seems like nothing is happening at all. You heard what I was saying and it was all stuff you knew already on a conscious level. So it is not surprising that your conscious mind is not expecting anything to have changed.

Then you find that all desire to smoke has ceased. Or the impulse to eat chocolate, drink too much alcohol or buy clothes you don't need. Or the phobia has gone, the anxiety, the emotional pain...

Where did all these desires, feelings or impulses come from in the first place?  They were all generated by your Subconscious mind... which did NOT know all those details until I explained them during the second part of the session, even though your conscious mind already did know! By the way, human beings have no effective way of telling their own Subconscious minds anything in detail - that's why an experienced hypnotherapist is a handy person to know.

But don't expect hypnotherapy to be some strange experience you've never had before, because it's really rather ordinary. It's the results that are exciting, not the experience itself!  Will it work?

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Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes has been Director of Central Hypnotherapy, Stockport, England UK since August 2000

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