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Real, long term success

Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I got an email on July 16th which began with these words:

"It’s my anniversary this week Chris, 6 years since I gave up smoking thanks to a single session with you!"

The rest of the message was about another issue which the sender now wants to deal with in the same way. One session, one non-smoker - that what I aim for and expect. So I asked the person concerned if I could put that line up on the website if I left out the name and the other details, and this was the response:

"Yep no problem about quoting me, if it helps others then its worth it."

It DOES help others. Sometimes clients ask me about success rates, and if I know of people stopping permanently with hypnotherapy. Of course, I've been doing this for more than thirteen years! Many of my former smoking clients come back later to solve other problems too, and so I hear of their long term success all the time.

Most of my new clients are direct referrals from previous ones, so that is where I usually get confirmation of the on-going success not just with smoking, but with all the other things we do as well. And I get messages like this all the time - often by phone, so those are not recorded and I wouldn't dream of putting testimonials up on the website from memory. In fact, I never thought of putting testimonials on the website at all, until I'd been a hypnotherapist for six or seven years.  I've got a big collection of Thank You cards, postcards and written letters as well as hundreds of emails which I kind of intended to put together in a file but I never got around to it.  So instead I began posting some onto the site after checking that the sender didn't mind.  They never do.

Now when I get a phone enquiry I often hear them say: "I've been reading through some of the testimonials on your website..." and so it is obvious that this has inspired them to go ahead and grab some of that success for themselves. And I have the comfortable feeling of knowing that it is all genuine, and that with every single one of the messages on this site I have the full permission of the client to reproduce it here.

Quit smoking in one easy session: no weight gain, no bad moods, no willpower required! Go for it! 

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