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Update on Alcohol from Karen

Posted: Friday, August 6, 2010

"Hi Chris - Happy Friday!  Just checking in - no need to reply to me, just want you to know... DAY 14!!!!! HURRAY!!!  And you know what's even more fantastic?  I thought it would be difficult living without drink... how wrong was I?  I feel absolutely wonderful and so positive!  I know I keep saying it but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Will keep you posted!
Karen xxx"

Not every hypnotherapist can do these things.  We tend to specialise in different issues and this happens to be one of my strong points - along with smoking, weight loss, drug habits and a few other things listed here on the site.  But the very fact that this CAN BE DONE with hypnotherapy - and in just one session - should make hypnotherapy the No.1 choice for the treatment of alcohol and drug habits, particularly in those cases where the individual is still quite functional.

That's where hypnotherapy has its greatest and most immediate successes: in those people who fear that their life will fall apart, but it hasn't yet. They're suffering - and that's their personal motivation for real change - but they are not finished yet.   It isn't so easy to get these brilliant results with someone who has already lost their wife, their kids, their business and most of their will to live. But you know, all of that can be PREVENTED!

We just have to catch it at the stage where the person has genuinely suffered enough, and doesn't want to suffer any more - but they still have a lot to live for.  Since that describes most people in the U.K. with a drink habit, there is a real solution here for any one of them if they only pick up the phone!  So why not call now?   

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