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Off the Scale!

Posted: Monday, November 1, 2010

Quite a lot of clients with food and weight issues tell me that they are sick to death of being obsessed about weighing themselves, calorie-counting and thinking about food all the time. The Central Hypnotherapy approach to weight loss and food habits frees you from this, as this happy client found out during October:

"Hi Chris, just an update for you: I came to see you three weeks ago and I'm amazed by the results! I can't tell you how much weight I've lost as I don't use my scales any more! Immediately after the session I phoned my hubby and told him to buy a cooked chicken and salad (normally we would have a take out). He brought these home with a trifle and blackforest gateau. The sight of these made me heave! I have never felt deprived, or had the urge to eat between meals - it's brilliant! Thank you very much for reprogramming my mind!"

Now, the truth is, I don't 're-programme' minds! The only changes that will be accepted in a hypnotherapy session are those which the client feels inclined to accept. So it isn't programming, it's just me using hypnosis to get information over to the Subconscious mind to explain the whole food and weight business.  You cannot get that message across by yourself because you cannot tell your own Subconscious mind anything in detail, no-one can. So that's where hypnotherapy comes in! And just look at the results!

Just in case there are any cynics reading this, who are thinking to themselves: "You've just hypnotised her into thinking she's losing weight, and told her not to weigh herself!" No, no - read more blog posts in the weight category! And besides, I do tell people they can weigh themselves, as long as it's only once a fortnight.

Why tell them that? Well, over the years I have found a huge difference in the results of the weight loss part of things - not the eating habits, just the weight loss part - between clients who stay off the scales most of the time, and those that weigh themselves repeatedly. So I tell their Subconscious mind to forget about the scales, just maybe weigh yourself once a fortnight, and everything will work great. And it does.

No willpower needed, no feeling deprived, no urge to snack or eat between meals... no obsessions with food or scales! And real, lasting results.

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