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Hypnotherapy and Your Working Life

Posted: Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lots of people come to Central Hypnotherapy to improve their performance at work - like Mark, the barrister who was suffering from severe work-related stress which was causing him to comfort-eat and also drink alcohol to excess. This caused weight-gain but didn't reduced the overall level of stress. In fact it significantly increased it, and his health was at risk as a result.

Two hypnotherapy session later, all that had changed: no longer comfort-eating or drinking, Mark had lost weight and although his workload actually increased after the session, he was handling it much better and seemed like a different person.

There are lots of ways in which hypnotherapy can improve your performance at work. It can improve confidence, make you more go-getting and remove nagging self-doubt. It can eliminate phobias like the fear of public speaking - the most common fear of all! - anxiety about interviews and the tendency to procrastinate. Hypnotherapy can get rid of the fear of failure that makes so many people hesitate when they should act. It can make you bolder and more successful than you have ever been before. It can also eliminate the fear of success, which is more common than you might think!

The Work-Life Balance

Too many people prioritise work to the point that it becomes dangerous to their health, and detrimental to their family relationships. Hypnotherapy is the easiest and quickest way to redress that balance, getting you past the point of "meaning to" and without having to rely solely on willpower to achieve that success. Best of all, you don't have to tell anyone that you used hypnotherapy at all, if you prefer not to, and then you get the credit for having amazing willpower which will impress colleagues and bosses alike! Why not? Studies show again and again that highly successful people use all manner of outside expertise to get them where they want to be, which is why they stand head and shoulders above everyone else.

So, what kind of person would you prefer to be from now on? The kind who reads this, ponders it a bit and then does nothing about it so they stay exactly where they are, or would you rather be enjoying the kind of success Mark experienced with hypnosis?

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Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes BA(Hons) HPD DipCAH MNCH is a Senior Registered Hypnotherapy Practitioner (General Hypnotherapy Register) and has been providing effective and confidential hypnosis and hypnotherapy services at Central Hypnotherapy for Stockport, Manchester, Tameside and Cheshire since August 2000.

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