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Hypnotherapy to Spend Less!

Posted: Monday, February 7, 2011

Still, the spending continues!

Money may be tight these days, but if you go to the Trafford Centre (a huge retail palace in Manchester, England UK) there are still thousands of cars there every day, which might make you wonder if there is an economic crisis at all!

The truth is, the shopping habits of all these people were established in more prosperous times, and once a compulsive habit like shopping is up and running, it just runs, and runs, and runs...

Impulse buying

Now, I know that we all have to go to a shop and buy something from time to time because we genuinely need it, but that is not impulse buying! Impulse buying occurs when something just catches your eye when you are there, and you buy that as well on the spur of the moment, even though you would not have made the journey to buy that object. Don't forget, retailers and advertisers can be very clever in the way they present products or suggestions, and their aim is to get you to buy more than you need, and articles you did not set out to buy!

The Role of the Subconscious mind

Where does that impulse to buy yet another pair of shoes come from? Well it doesn't come from the shoes! It comes from your Subconscious mind, which doesn't realise that this purchase is going to make it difficult to afford the road tax for the car this month, or pay the rent. Those are matters normally dealt with by the conscious mind, but the Subconscious can overrule the conscious mind easily (noticed that, have you?), so if the Subconscious says: "Shoes!" then it's shoes. The compulsive urges it generates will force you to make the purchase even if you try to use willpower (conscious effort) to resist.  Typical shopaholic behaviour.

The solution!

Fortunately a good hypnotherapist will know just how to explain to your Subconscious mind that although we want the freedom to buy those shoes, if it creates powerful compulsive urges then that is not a free choice. I also explain the financial situation, after which the Subconscious thinks: "Ah! Didn't realise that. Ooops!" and stops sending the overwhelming urges to add to the shoe collection, or the handbag collection, or the bulging wardrobe. Then at least you have a choice.

How long does this take? About two hours. That is a single hypnotherapy session at Central Hypnotherapy. If you often buy things you don't need just on impulse, hypnosis could save you an absolute fortune. Want to find out more?

Call me (Chris) at Central Hypnotherapy on 0161-474 8120 or call/text 07748 838 644 (any time, including evenings & weekends) for more info or to book an appointment.

Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes BA(Hons) HPD DipCAH MNCH is a Senior Registered Hypnotherapy Practitioner (General Hypnotherapy Register) and has been providing effective and confidential hypnosis and hypnotherapy services at Central Hypnotherapy for Stockport, Manchester, Tameside and Cheshire since August 2000.

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