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How can I stop eating chocolate?

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012

"How can I stop eating chocolate?" Here's Jane's reply to that, and it applies equally to sweets, cakes, ice cream, doughnuts and all sugary things!

Hi Chris,
Hope you are well?

I think I may have generated some more business for you! I was in a cafe in Lymm on Saturday and was talking to the owner (not sure of her name) about your hypnotherapy and how I hadn’t eaten chocolate for 6-weeks etc. She was fascinated (as were all the other staff members) about what I was saying. She took down your details and said she would contact you this week. I remember her saying one of her weaknesses was wine.

Being Easter I decided to buy myself an Easter egg. I ate half, thoroughly enjoyed it, put the other half in the fridge for another evening. As I lay in bed that night thinking about the other half of the egg in the fridge, I thought I don’t actually want it, I enjoyed what I ate but I really don’t want any more so I brought the remainder into work for my colleague. Now, previously I would have eaten the whole egg in one sitting!!

I am not due to weigh myself until a week on Saturday (only weigh myself once a month) so I don’t know how much more weight I have lost but can definitely feel that I have.

Also, Carol and Fallon loved you, thought you were absolutely brilliant. They too are getting on great and losing weight.

Kind regards

Three out of three - that just shows the consistency of hypnosis and the Central Hypnotherapy method!  So why not call now?  0161-474-8120 or call/text 07748 838 644 any day, any time.  more about this


Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy and has been helping the people of Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside UK to lose interest in eating sugary rubbish since August 2000.


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