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How do I stop using cocaine?

Posted: Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Hiya Chris! It's Chris from Saturday. I just wanted to say thanks again, results are brilliant, I can't believe it - cravings are gone!" This was the text message I received this evening.

Now, ask yourself this: if this were a physical addiction, if cravings were really 'the body needing cocaine', how could they be gone after a single two-hour session of hypnotherapy? The answer is that they could not. Either the body needs cocaine or it doesn't - so if it doesn't need it after the session, we have to question whether it ever needed it before the session or whether cravings are actually something else. This is how I discovered what they really are, and how to shut them down.

Cravings are strong, insistent feelings produced in the body by the brain. Through regular repetition, the cocaine use accidentally becomes a compulsive habit and the craving is the 'compulsive' bit. Hypnosis is simply a way to get information to the part of the brain that controls this: the Subconscious. Both drug habit and cravings can be stopped on request, but hypnotherapy is the ONLY way to do that with immediate effect.

Hypnotherapy can shut down cravings for cocaine, ketamine, cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate or any kind of food, and I've done this for thousands of individuals with hypnosis over the years to stop all those habits. All I need from the client is a genuine wish to be rid of the problem, which Chris certainly had... but he also had some doubts. Not about wanting to quit, but about hypnotherapy. Before making the appointment, he had been looking at some really expensive options for tackling his cocaine habit, and he couldn't quite understand why they were charging hundreds of pounds, and I wasn't!

"You say you can shut this down in one session - most of them aren't saying that - but they're charging far more than you! If you can really do that, why aren't you charging more than them and really cleaning up?" (He's a businessman himself, you see!)

So I explained. How many people with a coke habit can put their hands on hundreds of pounds in cash? A few can, but most of them can't, so if I charged top dollar I'd only be able to help rich cokeheads. What about all the other users? Also, I don't think anyone should be charging hundreds of pounds. They should be helping hundreds of users, that's the win-win situation, isn't it?

Also, I was a drug user myself for many years. I have genuine concern and respect for people in that situation, so I want to make sure they can ALL afford to come to Central Hypnotherapy, and get the best help there is!   more about drugs

Call 0161-474-8120 for more info, or call/text anytime to 07748 838 644.  It's okay if you have mixed feelings about quitting by the way.  That's normal, that's why it takes two hours - everyone's a little different!


Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy and has been helping people from Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside UK ditch nuisance drug habits since August 2000.  


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