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Just One Session for OCD

Posted: Friday, July 12, 2013

New clients sometimes express surprise at the number of issues that we eliminate in just one session here at Central Hypnotherapy, and I know many people would probably think it sounds too good to be true. Over the years a few people have even suggested to me that aiming for success in a single session is not in my own financial interests!

Actually I think it is. Are my clients more likely to tell everyone about their hypnotherapy success if it took one session, or if it took three? And if you are one of the people hearing that, are you more likely to try it yourself if it took one session, or three?

Now, obviously there are times when I'm dealing with something that will certainly need more than one session, such as a major trauma or tragic loss. In such cases, I'm not expecting the client's Subconscious mind to simply change immediately. But quite a lot of what we are dealing with in hypnotherapy doesn't require a change of that magnitude. Very often I am simply asking the Subconscious mind to stop doing something.

OCD is a classic example of the Subconscious mind working too hard, and not realising that it is. Those impulses to repeat/repeat/repeat, together with the fears attached to the obsessive compulsive routines or rituals are all generated by the Subconscious, and it is the Imagination driving it. The Imagination knows no bounds, so it can get completely carried away without realising it, although quite often the conscious mind is well aware the behaviour goes too far from a logical point of view - that's why the behaviour gets labelled "irrational". Unfortunately your conscious mind has no way of pointing this out to the Subconscious, so that's where I come in!

My main task in the second part of any hypnotherapy session is to explain to the client's Subconscious mind what we want in terms of change and why it's a good idea. And recently it has struck me again and again how often in hypnotherapy we are simply asking the Subconscious mind to DO NOTHING in future, instead of what it was doing before, such as using powerful impulses to compel you to clean the house from top to bottom for the fourth time because last time you got interrupted by the phone which messed up the cleaning sequence, or whatever.

Well, it's very easy for the Subconscious mind to achieve that. All it has to do is nothing. So it's not really surprising that it can do it in one session, is it? All we need is one person with OCD who is sick of OCD, one session and one experienced hypnotherapist who used to have OCD too. (That's me, by the way.)

Oh, and one simple action, which you could do right now: pick up the phone! Office: 0161-474-8120 or call/text Chris directly on 07748 838 644 any day, any time.  more about this

Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes BA(Hons) HPD DipCAH is a Senior Registered Hypnotherapy Practitioner (GHR) and has been providing effective and confidential hypnosis and hypnotherapy services for OCD at Central Hypnotherapy for Stockport, Manchester, Tameside and Cheshire since August 2000. 

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