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Alcohol addiction?

Posted: Friday, September 12, 2014

I have found my alcohol consumption has increased as well as my weight, I snack when I've been drinking or have the next day nibbles. I know it all contributes to my weight gain. When I try to reduce my alcohol and eat healthily it only lasts a few days! I find I drink to relieve stress, to relax, to celebrate, to cheer myself up!! Any excuse really. I'm not sure if I need to address both issues or just the alcohol.

Can you help?"


Oh yes.  And don't go spending thousands at The Priory because they can't do what I can do, which is shut the habit down in two hours. Don't bother with counselling, CBT, group therapy, rehab... just call Central Hypnotherapy and we'll take care of that for you right away.  No need to go bothering those lovely people at Alcoholics Anonymous either because you are NOT an alcoholic.  No one is.

Compulsive habitual drinking may LOOK like an addiction - it may even FEEL like one - but it is not.  It is a Complex Compulsive Habit and we can shut that down with hypnosis with immediate effect PROVIDED the client is okay with that.  The only drinkers who don't respond very well to hypnotherapy are those poor unfortunate people who left it too late and they have already lost everything: their career, their partner, their home, their business, their friends... and of course their health.  Positive responses are required for hypnotherapy and those people are way past positive responses, and that's what A.A. is for.

Most of my clients are not in that situation at all, they're just feeling fat and exhausted through drinking too much, and they either want to cut down or take a break from booze for a bit, that's all.  Or as in this case, not drink at home any more.  They just don't want to do it the hard way, because there's no need!

One session later:

"I can honestly say that having a drink in the house has occasionally crossed my mind but has been dismissed just as quickly [this is one week later]. It has not bothered me at all.  In this week since the therapy I have eaten well and I have started to sleep well, I feel this week I have been repairing my poor abused body!  I have gone back to spinning at the gym and it doesn't feel as hard as it used to, probably because my liver isn't congested with poison.

I'm glad I had the therapy, I feel better than I have for years... I have also found a new vice/craving: Green Tea! (I always wanted to like it but couldn't seem to.)"

That'll be because I happened to mention it to your Subconscious mind!  Green tea is good for you, it's full of antioxidants.  So, if YOU would like to feel better than you have for years, and that you're NOT an alcoholic, give us a call!  0161 474 8120 or 07748 838 644. Ask for Chris. Do it now! You'll be glad you did! 


Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy and has been helping the people of Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside UK to reduce or quit alcohol consumption since August 2000.    

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