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Hypnotherapy for Healthier Eating

Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"Hi Chris, just thought I'd give you an update:  I've not wanted any chocolate, crisps, biscuit or cake since I came to see you.  I weighed myself after one week and I'd lost three pounds... the funny thing is, after I explained everything to my husband, he isn't eating them either and has also lost weight!" 


Yes, this can happen because we are social creatures and at least some of our habitual behaviour is a response to what other people are doing, or not doing.  What we are looking for, though, is lasting change.  Hubby's changes, because he hasn't had any hypnotherapy are likely to be short-lived.  This is because Sue can only explain things to her husband's conscious mind, not his Subconscious, which controls habits, appetite and the craving system.  So although he might feel briefly inspired to get on board with the changes, it's only a conscious decision backed up, perhaps, with a little willpower which is really no different from dieting.

Hypnotherapy is the only way to get detailed information to the Subconscious mind, and only expert hypnotherapists know how to do that, so any attempt to change lifestyle or eating habits that does not involve hypnosis is doomed to become a frustrating see-saw battle between your conscious mind and your Subconscious, which is more influential by far, especially long term.  And long-term change is what we're looking for, not short-term!

People often tell me that their eating is "out of control", but what they don't realise is that it was never under their conscious control anyway, from birth.  Breathing, eating and drinking are all controlled by the Subconscious right from the start, so if you want help to lose weight, change eating habits, make healthier choices and succeed long-term, somebody needs to talk to the Almighty Subconscious mind, and then it's a doddle! 

So why not call now, to find out more?  Sue did, and her cravings for crisps, biscuits, cake and chocolate just vanished.  Who needs willpower then?  0161 474 8120 (Office Hours), or call/text any day, any time on 07748 838 644. 

Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy Stockport and has been helping the people of Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside U.K. to improve their eating habits and lifestyles since August 2000. 

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