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Fear of water

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2019

"I am really glad I came to you over this.  My fear has turned into a passion for a sport I never even imagined I would be able to take part in, so again, thank you!  Andy" 

Andy wasn't just nervous about being immersed in water, he was terrified.  It was a full-blown phobia triggered by a past incident in which he came very close to drowning.  His phobic reaction was so strong that he found it almost impossible to get into a pool at all, and he certainly couldn't put his head under the water or swim.  His Subconscious mind was determined to protect him, and it had the fear of water turned all the way up to eleven.

So Andy needed help to get over the drowning incident, and having tried everything else to no avail, he called Central Hypnotherapy; but has since admitted:

"I came to you if I'm honest with a healthy dose of cynicism about the impact hypnotherapy would have on me, but I'd tried everything else to help me overcome my fear so I thought: Why not?  I'm so glad I did keep an open mind though.  A week after our session I went to a swimming baths with my other half, and for the first time since I nearly drowned all those years ago, I wasn't sick as soon as I got there.  I got in the water and spent an hour splashing and getting my face wet.  I came out of the pool smiling!

"A few weeks of this and I was ready to book in my first adult swimming lessons... I'm coming to the end of my lessons now and I'm pretty much able to swim comfortably unaided.  I enjoy being in the water and I now go swimming by myself a few times a week."  


Notice how Andy's initial skepticism about hypnosis did not stop him from being totally successful in just one session?  more about this   So if you have been asking yourself: "How do I get over my terrible fear of...?" whatever, call Chris now on 0161 474 8120 (Office Hours), or call/text any day, any time on 07748 838 644.  

Consultant hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy and has been helping the people of Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside U.K. get over their fears and phobias since August 2000.


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