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Alcohol Detox and weight loss with hypnotherapy

Posted: Thursday, October 1, 2020

"Hi Chris, just letting you know it's a month today since I've been to see you, and not a drop of alcohol.  Feeling much better and even some timber has dropped off also, so thanks for your help and time, much appreciated!  Regards, Scott."  01/10/2020


Ah yes, weight loss!  That very welcome side-effect of ditching booze!  Drinking alcohol is of course fattening, so when we do a hypnotherapy session to shut down a drinking habit that has got a bit out of control, and detox, as the days go by the excess weight just falls off without you having to do anything else about it at all!  This, in addition to all the money you save by not drinking is an added bonus - as is the feeling bright and sharp in the mornings and having more energy throughout the day.

Hypnosis is simply a means of getting detailed information to the part of the mind that runs habits and controls the craving system: the Subconscious mind.  It's not so much 'therapy' as a messaging service: when you make a conscious decision to cut down on the drink, or quit, your Subconscious doesn't know, so you still get the cravings and the habit runs on as usual.  You can throw willpower at it if you like, but that's what we hypnotherapists call "trying to do it the hard way"!  more about this

Instead, if alcohol has ended up being a bit of a problem that it seems you need some help with, give me a call and we can get those cravings shut down, and the habit either amended, if you just want to drink less, or shelved altogether if you've really had enough of it.  Both these outcomes prove that it's not really an addiction, just an old compulsive habit that I can easily help you to change!  All you need to do is sit in a comfy chair for a couple of hours, and the job's a good 'un, so if you like the sound of that, just call 0161 474 8120 (Office Hours), or call/text Chris any day, any time on 07748 838 644.  It's a doddle!


Consultant hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy and has been helping the people of Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside U.K. to stop drinking alcohol, or just cut down, since August 2000.  more about this

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