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The right attitude for success with hypnotherapy

Posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2022

"Tried hypnotherapy and I'm glad I did!"  Jason, 20/07/22

What follows is some recent feedback from a client who had never had hypnotherapy before, and was obviously a bit wary of it!


"I arranged and attended a hypnosis session after a brief telephone chat with Chris.  One of the questions I had, referred to the possibility that not everyone can be hypnotised."

What does it mean to "be hypnotised"?  Well the old-fashioned idea of it - still a pretty common idea - is that one person 'hypnotises' another, which involves somehow exerting influence over them, maybe even "taking control of their mind"!

No such thing exists, in reality.  This idea comes from movies and stage shows where they make it look as if that is what is happening, that's all.  It requires the full co-operation of the person who is "being hypnotised", and they could withdraw that co-operation at any moment... just like a person having a massage could easily just get up and say: "That'll do!  Thanks very much!" and leave.


"Chris explained very clearly how our Subconscious mind differs from our conscious mind, and how our Subconscious rules practically everything about us as individuals, and more importantly how it tries to protect us."

Yes, your Subconscious mind is your protector, and everything it does is INTENDED to help.  Hypnotherapy is the only way to get a detailed message to the Subconscious mind if in fact what it's doing is NOT helping, such as nail-biting or comfort eating.


"The hypnotherapy itself was a very calming and relaxed session.  My body felt weightless and my Subconscious mind receptive."

'Receptive'?  Doesn't that sound like the old idea of hypnosis?  That the person in trance is "more susceptible" or "open to suggestion"?  More "suggestible"?

Let me clear this up.  If a person is NOT in a trance, then their Subconscious mind is not even paying attention to the world around them so you can suggest what you like until you're blue in the face: only the conscious mind will hear you!  No good.

If the person IS in a trance - and any kind of a trance will do - then their Subconscious will hear those suggestions.  It will listen faithfully and patiently to every bit of what is said. 

Then it will do exactly as it pleases!

This is why we call it "suggestion" when we talk to the Subconscious mind of any client.  We can only ever SUGGEST ideas to the Subconscious mind, we can't MAKE it do anything.  What Jason meant by "receptive", I think, was that he had adopted a positive, forward-looking attitude to the process and was quite happy for it to work.  Excellent!


"The way Chris relayed everything he said was nothing short of brilliant..."

Aw! Shucks!


"... and nothing could stop my Subconscious mind absorbing what it heard due to my relaxed but very awake state."

Slight misinterpretation, again, but a very common one: yes, a person in trance is certainly not asleep, but how relaxed they are has no bearing on the outcome of the session.  "Nothing could stop my Subconscious absorbing..." again suggests the old idea that a person in a trance state is "highly suggestible, i.e. open to the will of another. 

Not at all.  We are all potentially both open to suggestion and not open to it at the same time, according to preference: what we want.  Hypnosis does not change this.  If the client really does prefer, on balance, to stop smoking, quit drinking or taking drugs, then their Subconscious mind will accept the suggestion to shut the habit down.  If not - it won't.   more about this

In summary: while the client is in a trance state, their Subconscious mind will listen patiently to every word of the hypnotherapy presentation.  Then it will act upon that according to your true preference.  But people often exaggerate this factor too, and say to me:

"You've got to really WANT it to work, haven't you, otherwise it won't work?"

Actually, you've just got to be okay with it.  ACCEPTANCE is the key to success with hypnotherapy, but acceptance isn't necessarily enthusiasm, is it?  Acceptance is just:  "Okay.  Fair enough!"

That'll do!  And not a problem for me, because people come here and tell me what they want!  I can make sure my appeal to their Subconscious mind is entirely in line with that.  Of course they're going to accept those suggestions, it's what they came here for!  They're not really my suggestions, they're yours!      

If you could do with changing something about yourself or your lifestyle, and the conscious decision to change it doesn't seem to make it happen or meets resistance, just give me a call, and we'll get it fixed right away!  0161 474 8120 (Office Hours), or call/text Chris any day, any time on 07748 838 644.  


Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy Stockport, South Manchester and has been helping the people of Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside U.K. to respond positively to the hypnotherapy process since August 2000.     


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