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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

One call, one session – one non-smoker. And with no weight gain!

That is always our aim here at Central Hypnotherapy and most clients will not need a second session - although there will always be a few who will. That is because everyone is different, and we have to make sure everyone gets as much help as they need to quit – but here’s the good news: if a second session is needed at any time within the first twelve months, it is at a 70% discount. Most smokers don’t need it anyway, but it’s nice to know it won’t cost much even if you do! And of course, you save the entire cost of the session(s) back in just a few weeks.  From then on, you save so much money from not smoking it will feel as if you've had a pay rise!

Nervous about the prospect of having hypnotherapy because you think you're going to be asleep or somehow not in control?  Worry not!  You are never asleep and are always in control.  The experience is much more ordinary than you expect it to be - it is the results that are exciting, not the process itself.  

To succeed with hypnotherapy all you have to do is book a session and turn up for it. That’s it: you can leave the rest to me. Don’t worry if you have doubts, or mixed feelings about stopping – that’s normal! I can work around all that, which is why it takes a couple of hours. Self-doubt, uncertainty about hypnosis or mixed feelings about tobacco – these thoughts and feelings are very common and none of it will stop us from being successful.   more about this 

Why Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy?

Unlike dodgy medications or Nicotine Replacement products, hypnotherapy shuts down the habit and the cravings simultaneously, with immediate effect.  No willpower is required to resist the urge to smoke because the urge is no longer there, making it really easy to stop. Best of all, you won’t be gaining weight or over-eating either.

"Hypnotherapy is the most effective method of stopping smoking" - that was the conclusion of New Scientist magazine when it reported on the largest ever scientific study into ways of helping smokers quit:


“Research comparing many different studies of hypnotherapy has shown that on average smokers are over five times more likely to break the habit with hypnosis than by willpower alone.”

                                                                         - from a study at the University of Iowa, 1992


Why Choose Me?

I am registered as a Senior Hypnotherapy Practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and have been in full-time practice since August 2000. I specialise in several areas, including smoking cessation, and have published two books on the subject of smoking and hypnotherapy. I have personally helped thousands of smokers get free and have been interviewed in newspapers, on radio and on television about my methods and success. 

One TV company issued a challenge asking me to prove my methods by helping one of their staff.  One session was all it took to turn the TV researcher into a non-smoker, and she didn't gain any weight either.  That was back in 2008, and I still get referrals from her now, so I know she's still OK!


If you'd like to give up smoking but you don't want to fight battles with yourself, why not contact me (Chris) today on 0161 474 8120 or call/text me on 07748 838 644 any time, any day.  

Consultant Hypnotherapist Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy Stockport, South Manchester and has been helping people from all over Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester and Tameside get rid of their smoking habits since August 2000.