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Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis

People who are new to hypnotherapy are sometimes nervous about it because they have an idea of hypnosis in their minds already which is quite wrong! This is based on watching Stage Hypnosis, which creates the illusion that the hypnotist can control the minds of other people.

No such thing exists.  If hypnotists could control the minds of other people, we would rule the world!  And obviously we don't, so there must be some other explanation for what happens on the stage.  But the Stage Hypnotist isn't going to explain it, that would spoil everything!  No, he wants to pass himself off as a person with Amazing Powers, and get paid for it too.  

I am not a stage hypnotist - never have been, never will be - so I am happy to explain to each and every client what really goes on in a Stage Hypnosis performance!  Like many illusions on the stage, once you understand the facts it all makes perfect sense really, it's not mysterious at all but it is interesting because it shows quite marked differences in the way one group of people will behave as opposed to another. 

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Stage Hypnosis is a fraud exactly: those people who go up on the stage are not usually "in on the act", it's not rehearsed - it doesn't need to be.  They are being spontaneous, but there are a few things that the audience are not being told because the whole point of the performance is to get the audience to believe three things that are FALSE:

1) That the Hypnotist has amazing powers over the minds of other people;

2) That these people are in some strange state of mind you've never been in, and

3) That they are doing those bizarre things because they were told to whilst they were in a trance.

None of this is in fact true. 

The Hypnotist has no power over anyone: he is depending upon the fact that some people actually want to do this stuff, whereas most people don't.  

We spend half our lives in trance, we just don't call it that!  Daydreaming is a trance. 

People in trance states will do what they like, not what they're told.

Not a problem: all you have to do is find people who like larking about on a stage and being centre of attention for the evening.  People who hate being centre of attention will not understand their behaviour at all when they are dancing like Elvis Presley or whatever, so it is easy enough to suggest that the hypnotist made them do it, when in fact there are plenty of Elvis impersonators around to prove that some people want to do that stuff anyway without anyone else even suggesting it!

There's a little more to Stage Hypnotism than that, but it certainly isn't Mind Control By Somebody Else!  On the stage, the hypnotist is only a guide who creates a space and an excuse - as if they need one - for people who like to be centre of attention to show off for a bit. 

In hypnotherapy we can do away with all that nonsense because I'm not pretending to have power over other people's minds in the first place! What I do is much more interesting and far more useful than any of that - which is why I would never want to be a stage hypnotist, and is presumably why Paul McKenna gave it up!  Well it must get boring after a bit.  No, helping people get rid of problems that they thought they were stuck with is far more worthwhile, and I never tire of it.  And, unlike the Stage Hypnotist, I explain everything, there are no mysteries involved.  So if you have a problem you would like to get rid of, why not call to find out more?

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Chris Holmes is Director of Central Hypnotherapy Stockport and has been providing confidential, expert hypnotherapy services for Stockport, Cheshire, Tameside and Manchester since August 2000.